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From 2005 - 2012 we helped plan a
600 Pre-K to Secondary Boarding School for TAISBA

2015 land was transferred for School

We are accepting donations for development of  the School


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2007+ The Village of Mathangwane, Botswana, Africa

Mathangwane, Botswana, Africa

Kgosi Mathangwane Headsman Batisani Moeti Mma Modongo

2003+ Special Thank-You

Botswana, Africa

Emma Wareus Dr. Ava Avalos Kweku Bentil Lillian Nkosazana Moremi Sahar Mohyuddin



Los Angeles, Luxembourg, Canada, Egypt, France and South Africa

Charlie William Ayers Kat Rudu Hadi Salem Barbaise Quatre-Quatre Julie Towner John Matkowsky Vanessa Golenia Mahasti Afshar John Liu Yen Yi Edmond Lelo Ayse Byzanz

2011-2012 Blue Sky CGI for TAISBA's Mathangwane Campus

A Blue Sky Vision for TAISBA's Mathangwane Campus


The First Blue Sky Vision for TAISBA's Mathangwane Campus was based on all R&D of the different teams, guided by the Anglican Diocese's Education Taskforce's criteria and expectations.


Thank-you Michel Cavro for your contribution.


Michel Cavro


School based Health Clinics

Early 2009 Dr. Claudia Emami introduced the project to USC KECK's Director of Global Health Dr. Alejandro Sanchez. Dr. Sanchez's advice was to look into an area that was not thought of by earlier researchers: School Based Health Clinics.

He also put together a team from USC KECK to initiate research for the clinic, but at the last minute a letter from the Ministry of Health was requested by USC administration. Unfortunately the invitation by the Diocese and Foundation for the students to participate in the planning and establishment of a school clinic in the village did not come about.

I continued dialogue with Michael Deegan (outreach officer) at All Saint’s, Beverly Hills for possible community outreach programs to implement in the village. And later that year, in Gaborone, and with the help of Jessica Inga and Mma Gosego - chairwoman of the Anglican HIV/AIDS committee -- a number of people were approached at the Ministry of Health to allow the Foundation to conduct research with U.S. medical students. 

Upon my return from Botswana, I learned that Dr. Emami had put together a team in one of her UCLA's MPH classes to do the research for a school based clinic for Mathangwane. The letter from the Ministry of Health came through Early 2010, just in time for Dr. Emami and I to conduct a needs assessment in Mathangwane, September of 2010. And together with Dr. Ava Avalos and Lillian Moremi, the Diocese and Foundation managed to initiate a coordinated collaboration - Los Angeles, Washington, Gabs, Francistown and Mathangwane - towards creating a vision and solution(s) for the satellite school clinic.

Early 2011 Dr. Emami invited me to introduce Mathangwane and the Diocese’s School Building Initiative (+ All Saint’s Honduras Program) to her students at her MPH class at USC KECK in Los Angeles. One of her student’s, Annie der Avedissian and brother Aram, rose to the challenge, and identified a possible community outreach program that we named “Mmelegisi” (Life by Midwife).

Thank-you to everyone - Mathangwane, Los Angeles, Francistown, Gaborone and Washington - who helped with R&D for the future campus’s clinic and possible outreach programs for Tonota North Constituency.

Dr. Claudia Emami Dr. Alejandro Sanchezi Dr. Ava Avalos Alicia Lara Angela Coron Marina Groysman Jessica Inga Gosego Nthume Annelize Bester Annie Der Avedissian Aram Der Avedissian

2008 ARUP, Queen's University & Atelier Courbet

Sustainable Building Practices and Strategies, Botswana's ICT and National Development Policies; Corporate Social  Responsibility and Globalization; Global Compact; Eco-Agricultural communities(villages); and Defining "Green" - Beyond Solar Panels for the Built Environment

Because the location for the Francistown Anglican school changed to Mathangane - a village 15 minutes north of the city - we approached ARUP known for planning Eco-Agricultural Villages.

R&D had already started with a Team of students at Queens University in Canada and myself in Los Angeles by then. It was Attorney Lara Wharton - student then -  who gathered the team in Professor Moore's class to focus on Sustainable Strategies and Practices for Mathangwane up in Canada. In the meantime the founder of Atelier Courbet in NYC, Melanie Courbet, connected me to Steve Done at ARUP, Los Angeles who in turn introduced Davis Nkala, ARUP, Botswana to the Anglican Education Taskforce. A big thank-you to everyone in helping achieve this very important goal. Steve Done turned out to be a blessing for having lived and worked in Botswana for a number of years.


Steve Done Davis Nkala Melanie Courbet Lara Wharton Professor Steven Moore Julien Rey Elena St. George Avidan Waldman Annelize Bester Jessica Inga

2007 Gerd Ludwig, A&I, USC Marshall & USC Verterbi's Steve Nutt

The First Businessplan: A Highschool for Francistown

Early 2005, the Anglican Diocese conducted surveys and wrote a feasibility plan for TAISBA's future two campuses to be located in Francistown and Palapye. The two cities are in the Central District of Botswana Africa. Early 2007, after Gerd Ludwig pledged to support our first marketing campaign to help the Children of Botswana, Bishop Mwmaba and I invited a Team of Business Students from USC (my alma mater) to write the first draft of the business plan for the school in Francistown.Thank-you to the present President of USC, Max Nikias, and Peter Giuilioni, who helped find the right people at USC Marshall to help.

Later in June of 2007, while visiting multiple Government and Public schools in Gaborone and Francistown, a Press Release about the Anglican Diocese' School Initiative was published in Mmegi. Because of the article, Kgosi Itekeng Mathangwane approached Rt. Rev. Trevor Mwamba to consider building the school in Mathangwane. And so R&D started to hep planning of an eco-agricultural school community.

President Max Nikias Dean Jim Ellis Peter Giulioni MBA Director Lida Jennings Professor David Belasco Janice Nishiyama Professor Steven Nutt Amitesh Aggarwal Mark Roberts Deborah Kimball Raphael Anderson Justin Campbell Geoffrey Phillipe Justin Monroe Stephanie Ip

2005+ R&D for Think Tank Thuto & Pics by Kids' The Children of Botswana

Pics by Kids | The Children of Botswana Humanitarian Photography Collection.

From 2005 on I researched: the Church's role in Africa; Think Tanks; Foundations, NGO's and Charitable Organizations; Orphans in Africa; The Image of Africa; Political and Religious Leaders; Effective Solutions to Poverty Alleviation, Social Entrepreneurship; VIsual and Communication Solutions for effective Marketing Strategies; New & Social Media. From this came Pics by Kids'  first Fundraising and Marketing initiative: The Children of Botswana Humanitarian Photography Collection; and Think Tank Thuto.

For Pics by Kids and TCOBW (The Children of Botswana),  early 2006 + I spent a lot of time brainstorming with Michel Karman; the Art Center's Chair of Film, Robert Peterson; and later in 2008 with Melanie Ghannoudi - to figure out details for the collection and production of. Early 2007 and then again in 2008 National Geographic Photographer Gerd Ludwig and assistant Dolores Lusitana helped edit the first group of children's photography. And with this select edit I approached the owner of my favorite fine art publishing company, Nazraeli Press. (photo book is a work in progress, 2014)

Many thanks to everyone else who were instrumental in conducting the Digital Arts / Photography workshops and production of the collection in Mathangwane, Francistown and Gaborone since 2007. For a complete list of names - children, parents of, social workers, schools, - please visit



Thank-you PHOTO LA 2014

At the beginning of 2014, THUTO was at PHOTO LA's new location, the LA MART, in Los Angeles. Over 3500 were at opening night. Thank-you to the Fair for their help. The Foundation's advertisement in the Fair's Catalogue has a selection from The Children of Botswana Humanitarian Photography Collection. (online on pages 102 - 103 )



Thank-you to drkrm Gallery for exhibiting a Selection of work from The Children of Botswana 2012 & 2013

John Matkowsky Julie Towner 



U.S.A., Luxembourg, Germany, Canada, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia

B&W Master Printer Michel Karman Annelize Bester A&I's owner Baret Lepejian v Robert Petersen Gerd Ludwig Dolores Lusitana Melanie Courbet Beauty Autlwetse Rt. Rev. Trevor Mwamba Charles Nyembe Victoria Musodza Betsy Winchell Mitch Allan Kelly Hu Daniel Montellano Mario Signore Andy Lewis

2005+ The Anglican Education Taskforce


The Anglican Education Taskforce chaired by Professor John Melamu was organized by Rt. Rev. Trevor Mwamba.
The Taskforce conducted research to complete 2005's Initial Feasibility Plan for TAISBA's two campuses.

In 2009 members conducted research about Anglican Boarding Schools in Africa, Governance of Botswana, Science
and Technology, Pre-K, Primary and Secondary Education in Botswana, and Media Centers to complete TAISBA's Business plan.

Throughout planning of TAISBA members have actively maintained profiles on Facebook and Linkedin to help
promote the Anglican Diocese of Botswana's School Building Initiative.

Thank-you so very much for your time and support ~ Annelize Bester | THUTO 


Rt. Rev. Trevor MwambaJohn Melamu Susan Mogwera Fr. Ben MolekoBeauty Autlwetse Claire Hamilton Vicky Masenya Dudu Mbaakanyi Jessica Inga Argentina Matavel Ben MotlhalammeDoreen Nteta Clement Oliphant Alec Pongweni Edwin Qobose Rabson Sebego Sam Yeboah

2003+ The Beginning | THUTO's Pics by Kids and Think Tank Thuto


The Beginning was definitely a Star Trek Moment: If Hawaiian Actress Kelly Hu's asthma attack hadn't happened on the runway at Gabs' International Airport in 2001; our lunch in Brentwood  would never have happened around middle 2003. It was at this point in time that she told me about an opportunity that would take me to Botswana, Africa a couple of years later.

In 2005 my Green Card accidently slipped out of my passport onto the floor under my desk before I left the U.S. For this reason I had to extend my stay in South Africa to gain permission to reenter the U.S.  During my extended stay in SA, my cousin - Izel Bester - and I decided that there was no reason to not head north to Botswana at that particular moment in time for July 4, 2005 weekend.  

These events were random. But my interest in Sustainable Development for Africa is not. This started in 1992 while pursuing my BS in Business Administration at the University of Southern California (USC). It was here during Senior year where my focus was International Finance with an Emphasis on conducting Risk Analysis in Developing Countries.  I suppose what is remarkable is the seemingly ordinary daily life events that was the starting point. There has been many other meetings to help plan and organize the Foundation and projects for Botswana. As the years went by, many meetings took place at Coffee Shops in Los Angeles; All Saints, Beverly Hills; at USC's Los Angeles Campus; Art Center, Pasadena; at the Diocese on Church Road in Gabs; and Riverwalk, Gabs to help plan TAISBA's Mathangwane campus, Think Tank Thuto, The THUTO Foundation and The Children of Botswana Humanitarian Photography Collection.

~ Annelize Bester | THUTO



Rt. Rev. Trevor Mwamba Kelly Hu Annelize Bester Izel Bester

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